Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – July 30, 2023

By July 30, 2023 Tak Talk

Our boys were awakened by bright sunshine that peeked through their bunk windows this morning before the sound of Reville. For the first time in weeks, our guys grabbed sweatshirts and needed that extra layer before making their way down for their favorite Dunkin’ Donuts breakfast.

The slow start to the morning was necessary as our boys’ showed signs of being a little tired from the fast-paced action that takes place in camp every day. We had our final get-together with family members at Tripp Lake Camp, and sisters from Camp Robindel popped in for lunch, making this day extra special for those boys who had not seen their sisters in a while.

We are running tennis tournaments in Warrior and Junior Camps, and many boys were eager to participate. This in-house tournament is giving our boys another opportunity for some friendly competition. All seventeen tennis courts were in action throughout the day as some nail-biting matches caught the attention of many onlookers.

We had some ex-campers stop in and visit us, and while making the rounds this afternoon, I saw a nine-year-old basketball clinic, and low and behold, our alums were in line running drills with our little guys. I am not sure who was having more fun, our ex-campers, who were once again, running up and down the Warrior basketball court, or our younger campers, who got a special thrill playing with some of the big boys.

These are the moments I witness throughout my day– the spontaneous joy and laughter I see and hear as I move around the campus. One of our little boys hurt his finger. Fortunately, it was not serious, but his friend and bunkmate could sense that his buddy was in pain as he made his way to our health center. Without hesitation, this little boy took off his coveted Okee bracelet and gave it to the injured camper as a gesture of love and friendship, hoping to make his finger feel better.

When our Crows came down for instructional swim, they were told that rather than having normal instruction, the swim staff had arranged for “Baywatch swim relay races,” and our little guys squealed with delight as they lined up, eager to participate.

The excitement is not only in camp, as reports from Quebec indicate that our Okee trip exceeded our oldest boys’ expectations. The Okees made their way to Action500, Montreal’s grand prix and Canada’s largest indoor go-karting facility. After a warm-up session and driving orientation, our boys hit the racetrack for exhilarating races. Later in the afternoon, our guys went to their paintball facility, where they divided into teams and competed amongst their best friends. After a delicious dinner, our boys ended their evening taking in a CFL football game at McGill University’s Percival Molson Memorial Stadium in Montreal, featuring the Montreal Alouettes versus the Calgary Stampeders.

Our Sub Seniors are nearing the end of their time in Bar Harbor. They spent the afternoon exploring a picturesque community. They enjoyed visiting Volta Climbing Gym at the end of the day before returning to the hotel for a pizza party dinner.

After a delicious dinner in camp, we headed to the MJG Playhouse, where our Juniors took the stage and performed Shrek the Musical. The audience was captivated and found themselves singing along as our Junior thespians put on the performance of a lifetime. As with all camp events, we ended the evening singing the camp alma mater and observed a moment of silence when Warren played Tattoo. It is three-blankets sleeping weather tonight as cooler temperatures prevail, a perfect way to start the sixth week of the summer.