Camp Takajo Parents

Our parents are an integral part of our Camp Takajo family. During the year, we will send periodic bulletins via email with all the information necessary to help you prepare for the camp season. We also want you to feel connected to what is happening at camp during the summer.

Our 2020 Camp Season
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“Benny is truly thriving at camp. I was amazed to see how the boys have grown together even more and how the confidence is showing all over them all at Takajo. Benny and his friends share like brothers and look out for one another. They were so happy to be involved in everything they did.

Even though visiting day is a little hard for Benny at the end, it was great for us, easy to see that he loves his time at Takajo and it has become really special to him. The perfect balance of structure and freedom makes for a very happy boy, and I can see it in every way, from his growth to his smile, to his interest in everything around him.”

Camp Parent

Accessing your Takajo Account

Go to myTakajo and login using your email address and password. If you don’t remember your password, click on Retrieve/Set Password and you’ll receive an email from This email will contain a link with instructions on how to re-set your password.

If the system does not recognize your email address, please call the camp office and we will add the email address you plan to use with your account.

Forms and Documents

There are three types of Forms & Documents in your myTakajo account:

  1. Online Forms (such as Health History) which may be completed and submitted online.
  2. Fax–Back Forms which are bar-coded specifically to your son’s record. These forms may be filled out and faxed back to a special phone number (listed on the form).
  3. Documents which contain general information.

Trouble Logging In?

Please call the Camp Takajo office at:

  • Summer: (207) 693-6675
  • Winter: (914) 273-5020

For a listing of local accommodations, download our Places to Stay PDF. For more information about the Portland area, head to the Visit Portland or the Visit Maine official travel sites.

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