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Above all else, our goal is to help boys grow into young men of strong moral character.

The qualities represented by our twelve Arch Ideals are emphasized and reinforced throughout all aspects of the Camp Takajo experience. These twelve ideals embody the spirit of the camp and are the precepts by which we live.

By partnering with parents, we strengthen the values you are teaching every day in your home. At the same time, sending your son to camp for seven weeks provides him with a rare opportunity to develop self-reliance and independence. Being in a nurturing, supportive environment, but away from the immediate comforts of home and family, a boy gains confidence from learning new skills and navigating new situations – and, yes, occasionally dealing with a little adversity!

We Believe

We believe that boys need structure. Our programs are designed to be developmentally age appropriate. As boys get older, their program allows them increased choices so they can pursue their maturing interests and specialize in specific areas.

We believe in a well-rounded, diverse program that includes sports, waterfront activities, hobbies, skills, and pioneering. We believe that athletics is an important component of a well-rounded experience, but it is not the sole focus our program, especially at the younger ages. We want our campers to gain exposure to a wide range of activities so there are many avenues through which a boy can find his niche at Camp Takajo.

“How do I even begin to thank you for all you have given to Evan and Todd and our family these last nine years?”

I can say with honesty that last week, neither of my boys wanted the summer to end. Todd had his best summer ever and really ended as an Okee on a high note. He felt truly connected to his bunk mates, counselors, and many other Okee buddies and camp staff. He absolutely loved the trip out west. He has been telling us about all of the exceptional things he was able to do and experience with his friends. The trip sounds like it was for him, the trip of his lifetime. So much fun and what a great experience!”


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