Information for Prospective Counselors

Thank you for your interest in Camp Takajo. This section outlines our priorities in selecting counselors. It is also intended to help you determine if we offer the type of work experience you are seeking and for which you are suited.

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Counselors connect with campers throughout summer, building important relationships.

Potential camp counselors are solicited based on character, stability, interest in working with kids, warmth, personality, and ability in a specialty. With the exception of a few activities which require trained personnel (such as waterfront and pioneering), the qualities listed here reflect a rough order of criteria on which we base the decision to hire someone. No consideration is given to race or religion.

Camp is concentrated, structured, and demanding. The boys are in camp for seven weeks and our responsibility toward them is a 24-hour a day job. There is no greater trust that that placed in us by parents, and no greater expectation than theirs for our complete dedication and attention to their son.

The most important aspect of being a counselor is the relationships you help to develop with and among your campers. You and one other counselor will live in a bunk with seven or eight boys. The atmosphere you create determines in large part the experience each boy has.

We carefully check all the references you provide. We inquire about your ability to relate with children and people, your work habits, manners, personality, willingness to help, and a host of other factors.

“Jon and I were amazed and impressed by the genuineness, enthusiasm, expertise and devotion of the counselors. From the tennis courts, to the basketball courts, to the waterfront, to the bunk, in the dining hall and all around camp, we were stopped and introduced to so many counselors, each one friendly, outgoing and genuinely in touch with Zak and the other campers.

As parents, our hearts were warmed knowing that Zak was surrounded by such a warm and engaging community of counselors.”

Camp Parent

If you are interested in joining our staff, please fill out our online application. If we have a position available in your area of expertise, we will contact you immediately and arrange a personal interview or phone call to discuss your responsibilities as a counselor at Camp Takajo.

Our Camp Counselor Staff

A core of veterans provides the foundation of our staff each summer. They are joined by college students, former campers, and teachers from throughout the U.S. and abroad. Most of the staff from overseas come from the United Kingdom, with representatives from many countries on all continents.

Our counselor staff assembles before the campers arrive for a six-day orientation. Our philosophy, aims, ideals, and objectives are detailed. Privileges of the staff are also covered.

Our primary concern during the staff orientation is to emphasize the values and attitudes we deem desirable, how they relate to camp, what our limitations are, as well as what we hope to accomplish with the boys. Counselors are apprised of details concerning each camper with whom they will be living. With guidance from their group leaders, activity counselors have a chance to prepare their facilities and organize the procedures through which they will implement their programs. Camp Takajo is an equal-opportunity employer.

“Working at Takajo was a very rewarding experience! As a girl counselor, you have the opportunity to be a bunk mom, which is great as you get to care and watch the young boys grow throughout the summer, and watch them achieve new goals and improve their skills in different activities. You are very much cared for at the camp, as you are provided with with great accommodation, food, a good amount of days and nights off, awesome facilities for work, training before the boys arrive at camp, opportunities to go on trips with campers and lots more. 

I honestly can’t think of anything to improve for the staff members at Takajo. Everything offered was great. The accommodation, food, the commons, trips, days and nights off. I loved my whole stay at Camp Takajo. Although, there could be one thing, and that is to make the summer longer and slow down time, it just went way too fast!! “

Bunk Mom

Important Staff Dates for 2024

Arrival in Camp (before 3 PM)
Support Staff
June 4
International Waterfront & Intl. Pioneering
June 7
US Waterfront & Pioneering
June 8
Tennis & Nursing Staff
June 11
International Staff
June 14
All Other Staff
June 15
Departure from Camp
Many staff will depart with the campers
August 8
Closing of Season
Specialists, August 12
Closing of Season
Support staff, August 12

Unless otherwise arranged. All dates subject to change.

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