Our program is designed to be fun, stimulating and challenging! We provide a broad range of activities so each boy gains exposure to many different types of experiences. As your son grows, his program grows with him to make sure he is getting the type of stimulation that sustains his enthusiasm.

Activity areas include athleticswater sportshobby activitiesskill activities and pioneering. To promote a fraternal feeling among all the boys, the entire camp joins together frequently for special events such as Family Nights, the Carnival, Fourth of July assembly and fireworks, shows, talent nights, weekly cookouts and Indian Council Fires.

Boys play what they like and get introduced to other great sports.

Our numbers in each age group are sufficient so that boys play sports, go to activities, and live with other boys the same age. Boys are grouped as follows:

Warrior Camp:

Boys ages 7 thru 10 who have just finished 1st thru 4th grade.

  • Warrior Crows: ages 7 and 8, finished 1st and 2nd grades
  • Warrior Braves: age 9, finished 3rd grade
  • Warrior Indians: age 10, finished 4th grade

Junior Camp:

Boys ages 11 and 12 who have just finished 5th or 6th grade.

  • Junior Greens: age 11, finished 5th grade
  • Junior Greys: age 12, finished 6th grade

Senior Camp

Boys ages 13 thru 15 who have finished 7th, 8th or 9th grade.

  • Intermediates: age 13, finished 7th grade
  • Sub–Seniors: age 14, finished 8th grade
  • Okeechobees (aka “Okees”): age 15, finished 9th grade

Each activity program is tailored to the age and capabilities of these age groups. Each sport is always preceded by an instructional period followed by a game. Instruction is geared to age appropriate skills and attention levels.

All age groups have two athletic periods a day plus waterfront, hobbies and skills. Younger boys have instructional swim until age twelve. Hiking and camping trips are available every day in every age group. As boys get older, they have more choice in picking the hobbies and skills in which they want to participate. Our oldest campers have Specialty Camps which give them an opportunity for in depth instruction in sports or other activities in which they want to focus.

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