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Camp Takajo was founded in 1947…

by Morty Goldman whose roots in camping go back to the early 1900’s. Morty’s vision for Camp Takajo was to create a well-rounded summer camp program in which each boy could develop independence and self-reliance in a nurturing, supportive environment. Morty believed in a structured program geared to developing age appropriate social, emotional and physical skills.

Jeff Konigsberg, whose father attended Camp Takajo in 1947, started as a camper in 1970 at age nine. Jeff has spent every summer since at Takajo. Jeff was a camper for nine years. He returned as a counselor, as a group leader in Junior Camp and later Senior Camp, and after college worked for six years as associate director with Morty before becoming the owner of Camp Takajo in 1988.

Jeff shares Morty’s vision and has remained true to the core traditions of Camp Takajo while introducing innovative programs that challenge and stimulate today’s boys.

History & Owners

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