Why Camp Takajo

Why Camp in Maine?

What makes Camp Takajo special is our emphasis on building character and instilling the qualities that help a boy develop into a young man with a strong moral compass. Words like integrity, honesty, loyalty and self-reliance are not just posted on our entrance arch, they are reinforced throughout each day in everything we do, both in and out of camp. Our athletic programs provide a vehicle through which boys learn the value and meaning of teamwork, resilience, competitive spirit, humility, tolerance and sportsmanship. Our well rounded program, with extensive waterfront activities, trips, and a myriad of hobby classes and skill activities, helps develop a well-rounded boy and a lifelong enjoyment of the arts and the outdoors.

“Every time I step on the field for sports the first thing I think of is the ideals that I religiously live by. I am who I am today because of the amazing morals and ideals that camp has bestowed on me. I succeed in my schoolwork, friendships, and extracurricular activities mainly because I have a solid foundation of meaningful morals.

The friends I made through camp are very meaningful to me, and I regularly keep in touch with all 26 of them. The lessons and experience I have obtained will surely stick with me forever and I will continue to follow the arch ideals in every thing I do. I am proud and always will be, to be a Takajo camper.”

8 Year Camper

Why Seven Weeks?

The most common theme among our alumni is that Camp Takajo is their “home away from home.” Being with us for a seven-week season gives a boy a sense of belonging to our Takajo family and lets him gain his own sense that Takajo is his second home. A seven-week season allows relationships to develop naturally over time and fosters an unhurried approach to skill development that promotes deeper learning and infuses confidence. Living with his “camp brothers” for a seven-week season, a boy learns about the give-and-take of making decisions and working within a tight-knit group. In a time when resilience is such an important trait, a seven-week season allows a boy to deal with the normal ebb and flow of daily life and, at the end, feel a profound sense of accomplishment both in his relationships and in his skill development.

Why All Boys?

Boys and girls develop at different rates and have different developmental needs. A boys’ camp is best positioned to offer a program designed to meet the needs of today’s boys in an environment that allows them “to be boys.” With a substantial number of female staff members, boys also learn to relate to and respect members of the opposite sex in a non-threatening, supportive atmosphere.

Why Maine?

The rugged, natural beauty of Maine speaks for itself! Epitomized by the expanse of rocky coastline, the towering pine trees, the mountains, and the many pristine rivers and lakes, the surrounding area offers us a wealth of opportunities not only for sheer enjoyment, but also for teaching important lessons in self-reliance, the essence of teamwork, and respect for our natural resources.

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