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Summer Camp for Boys

Camp Takajo was founded in 1947 by Morton J. Goldman. Throughout its history, Takajo has been known for its diverse and carefully designed programs, plus exceptional facilities that combine to offer youngsters a breadth of experience that is unique in camping. Exposure to a wide range of activities enables each boy to find his niche in the camp setting. An underlying philosophy which emphasizes individual growth helps every child thrive in Takajo’s family-oriented environment.

Our Goal

An important goal at Takajo certainly is to create a fun-filled, positive atmosphere in which youngsters can develop the many facets of their unlimited potential. The fundamental emphasis, brought home through sports, games, and special events, is on time-tested moral and ethical standards. Integrity, a sense of fair play, respect for one’s self and others, appreciation of nature. If we help children learn to live with others, help them develop self-esteem, independence, and a deepening sense of responsibility, and do so in a way that leads to lasting friendships— then we have accomplished a great deal. This is our goal at Camp Takajo.

For more information about Camp Takajo or for an enrollment packet, contact us at (914) 273-5020.

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