Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – July 31, 2023

By July 31, 2023 Tak Talk

The positive energy in camp is palpable. There is something exciting going on for every age group this week, and the weather could not be more accommodating.

Our Crows (finished first or second grades) had a blast at Story Land, a theme park geared for little ones. There were rides and attractions that entertained our boys for hours, and soft-serve ice cream never tasted so good. Our Hawks (finished third grade) made their way to the largest waterpark in Maine, Funtown Splashtown USA, where they had an incredible time bouncing from one exhilarating waterslide to another.

Our Junior Greens (finished fifth grade) joined the fun and headed off to Take Flight Aerial Adventure Park in Kittery, Maine. They were challenged to navigate a high ropes course and loved the adventure of the thrilling zipline. All three trips returned home shortly after dinner, and within minutes, our buses rolled in, bringing in our Sub Seniors from Booth Bay Harbor and our Okees from across the Canadian border.

Our oldest boys were all smiles, and while they were quick to boast about their amazing time away, there was something very gratifying about returning home. A few Okees came to me and acknowledged the bittersweet feeling of realizing they were approaching their final countdown as campers. They know their Olympics will break sometime later this week, but they have pledged to take advantage of all that camp offers in the last ten days of the season.

Our Eagles had the run of the place and had a blast competing in a beach volleyball tournament this morning. Still, nothing was more enjoyable than hanging with DJ Shad on the beach in the afternoon for a sandcastle-building contest.

Our Junior Greys (finished sixth grade) had a full day of competition but were surprised this evening when Group Leader David Levy announced Casino Night. One of our indoor facilities, Mert’s Place, was converted into a Las Vegas-style casino, and funny money was distributed to all the boys.

By bedtime, the temperature dropped, and our boys grabbed a third blanket before retiring for the evening. With everyone back in camp, nobody slept better than yours truly.