Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – August 5, 2022

By August 5, 2022 Tak Talk
Senior Olympic Track Meet

There is an energy that runs through camp that is so vibrant that it penetrates through the heat and humidity that blankets our camp. Olympics has broken for all three age divisions, and our boys are ecstatic. The Warrior Olympics broke at lunchtime. Under the seats of our campers was an envelope that had each camper’s name and team assignment. A counselor dressed in a toga and a head wreath made his way into the dining room, instructed the boys to look under their seats, find out their team, and follow him up to the quad to launch the festivities. This afternoon our Crows competed in basketball and baseball, our Hawks flag football and archery, and our Eagles competed in soccer and tennis.

The Junior Olympics began after their lunch when the boys went back to their bunks and found instructions on their beds that required them to stay together as a bunk for a massive scavenger hunt. During this hunt, the boys had to work together and find the clues that would eventually tell them their Olympic teams. Juniors began their competition with a tug-of-war contest on the quad where the grey team was able to show their might and dominate the event.

Warrior Olympic BreakSeniors made their way up to the playing fields for a track meet that featured sprints, relays, and a cross country run. The determination and perseverance of our older boys were heartfelt as it was apparent that our Okees, who are competing in their final Takajo Olympics, intended on leaving everything on the field. The competition will take place for the next four days, and our boys will compete in every land sport, watersport, and skill, including archery. The culmination will be the whacked-up relay when every boy will be assigned to one event with the relay ending at the iconic pie eating contest. Our boys are sporting green or grey bandanas, some with war paint to match. It’s the time of year our boys have been waiting for, and I’m confident the fun will exceed their expectations.