Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – August 6, 2022

By August 6, 2022 Tak Talk
Junior Counselor Hunt

The Takajo Olympics is in full swing, and our boys will not let a hot, sticky, summer day impact their favorite time of the camp season. Every field and court was in use throughout the day, and my only requirement was that our boys remained hydrated during activities. We started at breakfast where we required boys to start drinking glasses of water and continued with that messaging at lunch and dinner. All water bottles were required at activities, and water breaks were built into each game. The waterfront staff was incredibly accommodating as each age group had mandatory free swims when our boys soaked in the lake which helped bring their body temperature to a comfortable level.

There were some incredible moments that I witnessed during the day. There were comebacks in Crow street hockey when the Green team was down 3-1 only to tie it up with seconds left to play and a game-winner was scored in overtime for a phenomenal come-from-behind victory. Our Seniors competed in baseball and basketball and showed great skill and intensity during the competition.

Junior Olympics Track MeetThe moment that stuck out for me the most was during the Junior track meet when both teams lined our lacrosse field to cheer on their teammates in the football throw. There were contestants who were able to hurl the football hallway down the field to rousing applause. There were other campers who were added to this event that had far less strength. Their throws couldn’t measure the more powerful athletes. While every point matters in Olympic competition, what seemed to matter more at this moment was the desire to encourage and applaud the less experienced athletes.

One might think in a boy’s camp where competition is often a prominent part of the male psyche that a lesser athlete would be left to feel demoralized, but this is furthest from the truth. I watched with pride as both teams went out of their way to make each athlete feel like he was an integral part of the team.

On our last Saturday evening, movie night took place outdoors on our Commons Deck. There was a warm breeze coming across the lake and at this point during the day it was actually refreshing. Our boys went to sleep tired, content, and dreaming about their last Lazy Man’s Morning. There is still so much in store as we approach the finals days of camp, and our boys won’t slow down until they reach your homes later next week.