Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – August 4, 2022

By August 4, 2022 Tak Talk
Senior Olympic Team

As forecasted, the heat made its way to Maine. Admittedly, I had hoped we had seen the last of the high dew points, but temperatures did reach ninety, and it was a bit oppressive. Fortunately, for our Warrior Crows and Hawks, they were heading out on their Big Trips, so a little heat was not going to deter them from having an incredible day.

Our Crows made their way to Story Land, an amusement park that features a wide variety of rides designed to appeal to our youngest campers. The bad news was the park was so hot you could fry an egg on the pavement. The good news was the heat kept the customers away, so our boys had full access to all of the rides throughout the day. If that wasn’t enough, a stop at Mcdonald’s on the way home was the cherry on top to give our boys the special treat they deserved.

Our Hawks (finished third grade) made their way to Funtown Splashtown USA, where not just the name evokes sheer enjoyment and exhilaration. Our boys loved the enormous water slides that ended in a refreshing pool of water. While many had the opportunity to pivot and go on rides at the amusement park, most boys elected to stay closer to the water park.

Back at home, the remainder of the camp took advantage of our waterfront and played games under the sprinklers.

Senior Olympics broke this afternoon. Group Leader Neil Minsky is always saddled with the challenge of trying to outsmart this teenage group of boys. Neil brought all the Seniors into the Playhouse this afternoon for a round of his famous Trivia Bowl. This is always an iconic event in camp when Neil plays the role of game show host, and bunks compete against one another, trying to answer trivia questions. As one would imagine, it was a little difficult to motivate our group of teenagers in the indoor playhouse during the sweltering heat. However, as the game continued, a picture of two Seniors popped up on the screen with the question, what do these two boys have in common? The answer was that they are Senior Olympic Captains. Unfortunately, some boys did not consider this break to be up to par. Nevertheless, our Senior boys are sporting green and grey bandanas. Enthusiasm is on the rise, and Olympic competition will begin tomorrow. Leaving the Playhouse after the break, one Senior camper was overheard muttering under his breath, “I’ll take lame Olympic breaks for twenty, Alex.” Rumor has it, Junior and Warrior Olympics cannot be far behind. The next four days are bound to be exciting.