Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – July 25, 2022

By July 25, 2022 Tak Talk
Soccer players

It was a busy Monday for us in camp. We woke up to an overcast sky and were greeted by a heavy downpour by the time we made our way down to breakfast. Our Warriors and Juniors took advantage of our indoor facilities as each group broke a sweat in one of our two indoor sports complexes. All hobbies were in use and by late morning, the sun was shining. The campers were eager to resume our regular schedule for the remainder of the day.

This is Big Trip Week for our Senior campers. It’s been three years since we were able to offer these trips to our oldest boys, and I share in their delight and enthusiasm as they embark on one of the best weeks of their camping career. Our Intermediates (finished 7th grade) boarded a charter bus and headed south to Massachusetts. They have a packed week filled with deep sea fishing and a trip to Fenway Park for a guided tour, as well as many other surprises that are offered outdoors in the fresh New England air.

swimmer racingSome of our Subseniors departed today for a five-day journey down the Saint Croix River on our country’s northern border. I always have flashbacks thinking of these boys learning how to canoe next to our sailing dock as young Warriors; to see these fourteen-year-olds years later ready to embark on this camping expedition speaks to the diversity of our program. While many boys can recount last-second shots in a basketball game, or an amazing goal while playing soccer, there is no greater memory that will remain with our boys than camping in the wilderness on these extended pioneering trips.

Those Subseniors that were less enthralled with the water and felt more comfortable on land, ventured for a trip to Mount Katahdin, where they will arrive at the Big Moose Inn campsite. There they will set up camp, pitch tents, prepare their meals over an open fire, and get the lay of the land before their big hike Wednesday morning. Other Subseniors who prefer a golf cart, or a caddy, will have the opportunity to play some of the more scenic, iconic golf courses in the state of Maine. There is something for everyone during Big Trip Week, and our older boys see this experience as a rite of passage during their Takajo careers.

This evening, I invited our Crows, our little guys who have finished first or second grades, down to my home for a movie night. I love bringing our Warrior campers to my home for an opportunity to put their feet up on a couch, enjoy a soda and snacks, and watch a movie “in style.” Admittedly, I was enjoying watching these little faces smile more than the movie, that was my entertainment for the evening.