Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – July 26, 2022

By July 26, 2022 Tak Talk
Boys watching a movie in Jeff's living room

To our delight, we could feel the change in the air the moment we opened our eyes this morning, and it was as if a weight was lifted off our shoulders. There was a cool breeze coming across Long Lake which was met by bright sunshine that lifted everyone’s spirits. Weather can have such an impact on a camp season, and while we are fortunate to have two indoor sports complexes and many rec halls for rainy weather, we can only rely on the lake so much to offset the humidity that enters the area a few days of every camp season. The fans were given a rest in the bunks and as the temperature dropped, so did the tension while living in close quarters. Our Warriors and Juniors played at full speed with great intensity in their team sports.

We received great updates from our trip leaders. Our Intermediates enjoyed an amazing day of deep-sea fishing in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Our campers canoeing on the Saint Croix River enjoyed a glorious paddle through the cape. Reports indicate that they have enjoyed cooking delicious meals over a roaring fire and that their tents managed to stay erect, while enjoying a great night’s sleep outdoors. Our hikers are preparing for a 4 AM wake-up tomorrow morning before they attempt to reach the summit of Mount Katahdin. Our golfers made their way to Sunday River and got in a round of golf before retiring for a fun evening at the Grand Summit Hotel.

Tonight was movie night for our Eagles, our boys who have finished fourth grade. As one would imagine, our boys felt right at home laying on my couch, drinking soda and enjoying movie snacks. As I write about all of these incredible moments our boys are having, I can’t help but think that they are forging incredible deep, meaningful friendships that will truly last a lifetime.

Campers with waterskisA beautiful picture of two of our eight-year-olds was brought to me earlier today. It brought back the memory of these two boys taking a tour of Takajo last August after the camp season had ended. Bright-eyed and curious, these two boys walked the campus exploring, having no idea what this camp could mean to them and how this experience could potentially impact their lives. A year later, this picture captures the joy that they are experiencing together at Camp Takajo. It’s hard to imagine that just four and a half weeks ago so many boys entered this campus with the fear of the unknown, yet in such a short period of time, we have witnessed incredible growth, self-confidence, and maturation. This speaks to the importance of a traditional summer camp experience.