Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – July 24, 2022

By July 24, 2022 Tak Talk
Boys Playing in Sprinklers

After an evening of Saturday night at the movies, our boys enjoyed an extra hour of sleep this morning before being awakened by the sound of reveille. Our boys leisurely made their way to the dining room where they nibbled on Dunkin’ Donuts and scarfed down some bowls of cereal, just enjoying a relaxing Sunday morning before the start of their day.

Our Seniors had their league championships this morning, which put closure on the second round of our in-camp league competition. The winners enjoyed an incredible feast prepared by our food service team, which included their favorite: chicken wings. Juniors and Warriors spent the morning selecting from a wide array of activities but by far the most popular were the banana boat rides that cruised across the lake all morning long.

We said goodbye to a phenomenal baseball coach from Empire Baseball in New York City, who spent the week with us working with our boys on their baseball skills. We have some outstanding counselors in our baseball program this year who are playing at the collegiate level and teaching your boys, but it’s always nice to have a visiting coach work with our campers in season.

Rumor has it that the high temperatures and humidity will dissipate in the next few days. However, our boys fared well throughout the week. Today, our campers enjoyed ultimate frisbee on our soccer field with sprinklers creating instant relief as our boys ran up and down the field. We made a slip and slide water slide on the Warrior Soccer Field, which campers and counselors loved.

This evening, we organized a swim meet for boys of all age groups. Any camper who was interested in participating in the swim meet was eligible. The swim meet ran from after dinner and ended just as the sun was setting over the mountains—those not participating enjoyed watching from the beach and cheering for their friends.

It was a relaxed, unstructured, really fun day at Camp Takajo, exactly what our boys needed.