Welcome, Yeggs! We are looking forward to reconnecting with former campers and counselors who have shared in the Takajo experience.

In 2018, we launched Takajo’s alumni website, exclusively for former Takajo campers. We created accounts for all of our alumni for whom we have an email address in our records. You may log-in to activate your acount or register for a new account here: Camp Takajo Alumni

Takajo Alumni Website

In addition, former staff and campers have myTakajo accounts: Login to your existing myTakajo account, or create a new one, to view photos of Takajo days gone by and stay current with what’s happening at camp.

Also, connect with Takajo Alumni on LinkedIn, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the icons at the bottom of this page. And, don’t forget to subscribe to our Tak Talk Blog.

If you’re ever in the area, please come for a visit and “put your feet on the mantle shelf…and make yourself at home!”

Don’t waste time on a snipe hunt; sign up for Takajo’s alumni page to reconnect easily!

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