Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – July 18, 2022

By July 18, 2022 Tak Talk
Nature Hobby Class

After four weeks of blue skies and bright sunshine, rain has finally made its way to Camp Takajo. We were able to get through our regular program all morning before a light drizzle made its way onto campus shortly after lunch. Admittedly, our boys needed this break. We’ve been going at a frenetic pace since the buses rolled in, and we all benefitted from some chill time with our friends.

Nevertheless, while we took a break from the playing fields, boys will be boys and by nature, that means they want to be active and not sedentary. We are so fortunate to have two indoor sports complexes as well as large rec. halls for each age division. While the counselors were begging for an extended rest hour, our campers mustered up the energy and were ready to keep their active schedule indoors throughout the afternoon. Both fieldhouses were filled with boys playing indoor basketball and having dodgeball tournaments, while the rec. halls were used for crab soccer and bingo.

Dodgeball in the Lower FieldhouseThe hobbies did not get a break today as our boys enjoyed working in ceramics, crafts, fine arts, radio and electronics, videography, nature, photography, Tak Talk newspaper, and woodworking throughout the day.

Although the change of pace was welcomed, our boys remained active and stimulated throughout the day. By nightfall, all three age groups were retired to their indoor facilities for movies. Today provided the perfect opportunity for our hardworking athletics staff to get a well-needed break from their scheduled activities and gave them an opportunity to spend quality time with our boys indoors in a relaxed setting. Our week is packed with trips, intercamp, and an all-camp carnival, so this change of pace was welcomed by all.