Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – July 17, 2022

By July 17, 2022 Tak Talk
Warrior Hawk Campers

Our boys enjoyed a little extra sleep this morning. After staying up late for movie night, they sauntered leisurely into the dining room for a pajama breakfast. I always enjoy walking through the dining room and seeing the boys from all age levels sitting with one another. Little boys are especially eager to nestle up to their big brothers and older family members. These impromptu, organic get-togethers are such a great way for our older boys to become mentors, and they thrive knowing that these little boys look up to them and idolize them. There’s nothing lazy about our Lazy Man’s mornings. While we’re not in a structured routine, there is still a ton going on.

Our boys who have sisters and cousins at Camp Mataponi met their relatives in Naples for a morning cruise on the Songo River Queen riverboat. Bright sunshine and an eighty-degree breeze created a perfect environment for this reunion. We know that there is some frustration on the part of some that we are not participating in the camp-wide events that allow siblings to get together at sister camps, but we are thankful to be able to create these get-togethers in smaller settings where siblings and cousins can spend quality time together. There are a few more girls’ camps for us to visit, and we have every intention of doing so in the coming weeks.

This afternoon, four bunks of Warrior Eagle Campers (finished fourth grade) packed their backpacks and “survival gear” and ventured off to Swan Falls Campground for their first overnight trip of the season. These boys enjoyed exploring the scenic views, swimming, a cookout dinner, and s’mores over a roaring campfire before bedtime.

Camper playing basketballOur Okees enjoyed a trip to Portland, where they watched a Portland Sea Dogs minor league baseball game. There’s nothing better than eating hot dogs, drinking soda, and rooting for the home team with your best friends. The remainder of our camp participated in the regular program this afternoon. New leagues have begun, which gives our boys an opportunity to compete with other friends in their age division.

We were all hoping the humidity would depart as the sun was setting, but the balmy air remained with us, so fans were oscillating in every cabin. It took us a little longer to settle the boys before bedtime. Nevertheless, it was another great day at Camp Takajo.