Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – July 16, 2022

By July 16, 2022 Tak Talk
Senior Campers in uniform

Our incredible streak of fair weather continues at Camp Takajo. The sun was out in full force, and a warm, balmy breeze made its way across campus throughout the day. Dew points are up, and our boys can feel the humidity. Soiled sweatshirts after a long, hard day of competition made their way into their laundry bags. Our 13- and 15-year-old boys competed in a round-robin, flag football competition with a few neighboring camps. Over the past few years, flag football has become the rage here in camp, so our boys were thrilled that we were able to arrange this competition to fill their afternoon.

Our hobbies are busy as counselors start preparing for our carnival, which will take place Wednesday. It’s a tradition for our campers to dress up in costume, especially our Okees, who have already made a request to visit the local thrift stores and Walmart for props.

The boys had a few surprises during their meals today. A camper had recently requested that I purchase ramen noodles as a side for his meal. He asked if his mom could send up a few boxes, and he suggested that if I bought them for the camp, I would be a hero. A little insulted that I wasn’t already a hero, I acquiesced and went along with his experiment. This little man was correct. We put ten cases of ramen noodles out by our hot bar as an alternative to our London broil steak dinner, and the boys couldn’t contain themselves as they rushed for their perceived camp delicacy.

On the heels of scoring big with ramen noodles, our Dunkin’ Donuts delivery arrived a day early, due to a mix-up on Dunkin’s side. Our food service director told the delivery man that it is a tradition for our boys to have Dunkin’ Donuts during their Lazy Man’s morning on Sundays. After a quick call to headquarters, the day-early doughnuts were served to our boys to enjoy for dessert with the promise that there will be more waiting for them tomorrow morning at breakfast.

Admittedly, I work tirelessly creating stimulating camp programs, building new facilities, and purchasing great ski boats. I have rarely seen the enthusiasm that I witnessed today as our boys chowed down on ramen noodles and Dunkin’ Donuts. Nevertheless, it was another packed day of activities, trips, and intercamp games. Our boys went to bed with big smiles and full bellies.