Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – July 19, 2022

By July 19, 2022 Tak Talk
Junior Camp Line-Up

The rain remained with us through the evening which made for a restful night for our campers, who are less enamored with the thought of getting wet and sneaking out of their bunks after taps. It was perfect sleeping weather, the sound of driving rain hitting the rooftops of our bunks created the peace and tranquility that allowed our boys to get a much-needed night’s sleep.

Our program continues to be packed with day hikes for boys in all age groups, intercamp for our boys eleven and up, and socials that are far more fun on the Songo River Queen cruising up and down Long Lake than traditional socials that once took place in our Playhouse. This is normally the time of the season when the anticipation of visiting day subliminally creates some stress and anxiety for our campers and staff. While I have always loved seeing parents reunite with their children, the anxiety leading up to the day and the emotional aftermath is a steep price to pay for this beloved camp tradition.

There is a calm and peacefulness that exists in camp this week. Our boys are excited about our camp carnival tomorrow and are eagerly anticipating the Senior Big Show later in the week. There are no frantic requests for junk food, diablos, and other toys that are somewhat meaningless in camp as our boys continue to focus on remaining in their happy routine and chilling with their friends.

Junior Campers at Camp TakajoI am keeping all protocols in place with regard to staff training, and the preparation for our virtual visiting day as if it was going to be in person. This evening, I had a staff meeting and took the opportunity to show my appreciation for the incredible job our counselors are doing with your boys. I shared examples of areas where we have excelled and provided teachable moments in areas that we need to improve. I reminded the counselors of the importance of checking each camper to make sure that his shampoo and toothpaste are being used on a daily basis, that dirty clothing makes its way into a laundry bag, and that clean sheets and pillowcases remain on every bed. We also search for missing items and address the needs of all of our boys.

My motto for campers and staff has always been to treat each child as if his parent was standing there with you during that interaction. While we know you won’t have the opportunity to be with us in person this weekend, our primary focus and concern remain on your child, his happiness, and his adjustment to Camp Takajo.