Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – July 20, 2022

By July 20, 2022 Tak Talk
Campers Enter the Takajo Carnival

The oppressive air that is tormenting most of the country has made its way to Maine. We could sense it was coming when we woke up this morning and made our way to breakfast, but by noontime, it was evident that it had the potential to consume us.

Fortunately, our carnival was on the calendar for today. We had a perfect opportunity to stay off the fields, come together as a camp, and enjoy a fun afternoon of snow cones and cotton candy, which are staples at any carnival. The dunk tank was the most popular attraction where every counselor begged to be stationed on the throne in hopes of getting dropped into the water. Our boys loved all the inflatable attractions and pounded each other while standing on pedestals trying to knock each other off with a padded club. The obstacle course was a huge hit as campers raced each other throughout the afternoon.

After a few hours of fun in the sweltering heat, we made our way down to the waterfront for a refreshing dip in our magnificent lake. The boys played water basketball, went for banana boat rides, and enjoyed wading in the water.

When the sun went down and the temperatures dropped just a smidge, our fifteen-year-old street hockey team and our twelve-and-under flag football team made their way to a neighboring camp to compete. At the same time, our fifteen-year-old baseball squad hosted a neighboring camp for a twilight game at home. We continue to sprinkle in a variety of intercamp and special events to keep our boys smiling and on their toes. This weather pattern is with us through the weekend, so we intend on reminding the boys to stay hydrated and take advantage of the lake.