Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – August 5, 2023

By August 5, 2023 Tak Talk

I know we are in the home stretch, and it saddens me to think the summer is coming to an end. The Olympics reached its peak today with every field and court in use throughout the day. All age groups are competing fiercely for every point. Regardless of the outcome of the games, the boys always come together for a handshake and hug acknowledging the winner and the effort.

The Warriors had an all-camp track meet this afternoon and in the one-lap relay race, the first runner for the Green team lost his shoe around the first turn. Without breaking stride, this little guy stayed on the heels of his opponent not giving up an inch until he reached the finish line and handed the baton to his teammate. The teammate had difficulties when he lost his balance around the last turn falling to the ground but with incredible determination, this Warrior jumped to his feet and kept the race close.

These are the moments that are remembered and are far more impactful than who is declared the ultimate winner. Our boys never give up!

I watched our Okees compete today in soccer, football, and water polo. I could feel a sense of exhilaration with a tinge of sadness knowing that this is their final Takajo Olympics. Our oldest boys walk from their bunks to the scheduled activities laughing and joking with one another, but when it’s time to compete, it’s all business.

Our Juniors took over our seventeen tennis courts in the morning, and I couldn’t help but notice the improvement in so many of our boys. I witnessed serves and volleys, overheads from mid-court, and drop shots that were impossible for the opponents to return. The Olympics is bringing out the best in our boys, and it’s apparent that the hard work and training that took place here this summer are showing great results.

This evening, our Warriors had their long-awaited movie extravaganza– staying up later to see multiple movies and being surprised with a late-night pizza delivery.

Our Juniors held an all-star lacrosse game that was well-attended by the age group and then grabbed showers before settling in for a movie.

Our Seniors made their way to the dining room for a make-your-own sundae party followed by an Okee Dance Off, a tradition at this event. To the delight of the onlookers, our Okees didn’t disappoint.

It’s our last Saturday night which means there is only one more Lazy Man’s morning. Something tells me our boys are going to savor their Dunkin’ Donuts tomorrow morning.