Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – July 7, 2024

By July 7, 2024 Tak Talk
JAK christening the new waterslide!

Lazy Man’s Morning was appreciated by all, as an extra hour of sleep after a full week of non-stop activities was much needed. I love watching the boys as they stroll into the dining room wearing their PJs, grabbing doughnuts and cereal, and sitting anywhere they want. For some, it’s a quick bite and they’re off to shoot baskets, play pickleball, or have a catch. For others, they hang at the table, tell stories, laugh, and relax with their friends.

There’s something special about this unstructured time. The ability to start your day at your own pace and not feel like you have to be somewhere. The doughnuts might lure the kids into the building, but it’s their friendships that keep them there.

Phone calls went off rather smoothly, and it was wonderful to see the excitement of our boys as they reconnected with their parents. For some boys, there was not enough time to share everything that had transpired in the last two weeks. For others, just seeing their parents created a little emotion and stress, making it hard for the words to flow.

I hope that you ended your call feeling that your son is at home and making the most of his camp experience.

Immediately after the calls ended, the boys transitioned to a myriad of activities. Boys with sisters and cousins at Tripp Lake boarded our buses to reconnect with family. Other boys took advantage of clinics and practices that were run in most sports.

After lunch, Warrior Group Leader Harrison Manchel called an “audible” and canceled the upcoming activities for an afternoon of Slip and Slide. Huge plastic tarps were laid out on our hill separating Crow Soccer from Beach Volleyball. Hoses doused the runway as boys sprinted towards the slide for the ride of their lives. It was the perfect change of pace and made for an incredible afternoon.

We purchased an enormous aqua slide that has been blown up and anchored in our lake. The timing couldn’t be better as the forecast calls for hot sunshine and humid temperatures throughout the week. This new addition to our waterfront is the ultimate eye candy for all of our boys, and this evening I was called out in the dining room to christen the slide. (video link) Surrounded by cheering campers and a staff of certified lifeguards, I made my way up to the top of the slide to experience what would be a thrill for all of our boys.

As the sun set over Long Lake and Tattoo reminded us it was time for bed, we dropped the shutters, cranked the oscillating fans, and snuggled into bed.