Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – July 6, 2024

By July 6, 2024 Tak Talk

Overcast skies made way for bright sunshine and humid temperatures, but that didn’t slow us down. We were in full program today but took lots of water breaks and made time for all age groups to take a dip in our magnificent lake. The water was refreshing, and the warm sun dried our boys’ bodies before they could even reach for a towel. It was a beautiful summer day.

Our 12-and-under lacrosse team hosted a few local camps for a round-robin tournament. We jumped ahead in the first game and were up by three but saw the lead dwindle away as our competitors forced us into overtime. The sun was beating down on our lacrosse field. Temperatures were sweltering, especially for our boys under their shoulder pads and helmets.

A few minutes into the sudden death, our boys put together an incredible offensive display, which was capped off with a blazing shot into the upper left-hand corner for the win.

While most hosting camps would sit out the next game, allowing their team to rest, we take a magnanimous approach to competition. After a five-minute break, our boys were back on the field to play another camp that had been resting in the shade, scouting us during our first game.

While our boys were exhausted, uniforms saturated in sweat, they reached deep and found that extra gear that is innate and can’t be taught. From the opening face-off, Takajo controlled the action, never allowing our opponent to gain momentum. The victory was ours.

While our boys were physically exhausted, they took their last ounce of energy and sprinted down to the lake for their celebratory dip. The thrill of victory was amazing but was surpassed by the joy of competing with one’s best friends, those they laugh with sitting around the dinner table and telling jokes with after Taps. Experiencing a hard-fought victory with your brothers creates an experience that lasts a lifetime.