Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – July 8, 2024

By July 8, 2024 Tak Talk

We have a huge week in store for our boys. Every age group is looking forward to getting out of camp on their Little Trips. Today, we surprised our Crows (finished first or second grades) by taking them into Windham, where we rented a movie theater for a private showing of Despicable Me 4. Our boys lounged in comfy theater seats while munching on some chicken tenders and pizza— and what would a movie be without popcorn?

Later that day when our little guys returned home, we surprised them with an ice cream sundae party. The music was cranking in the dining room as our boys danced the Macarena with their counselors. We spent the rest of the afternoon running the boys to get the sugar out of their systems to ensure a good night of sleep.

Takajo hosted our annual climbing competition. There were 11-, 13-, and 15-and-under categories. Our boys scaled the wall with incredible speed and precision. Our 12-and-under soccer team suited up today for games at Takajo and a neighboring camp. Whenever possible, we try to have multiple games of the same sport at the same age level to allow for maximum participation at various levels of play.

We attended 11-, 13-, and 15-and-under tennis tournaments for our beginner to moderate-level players, giving an opportunity to experience the thrill of competition to those who don’t usually have the opportunity to participate in these games. Our 15-year-old boys traveled for a head-to-head competition in flag football. Putting these big, strong athletic guys on the field can become pretty physical.

Later in the evening, our 11-year-old boys (finished fifth grade) showered up and made their way to Camp Vega for a social. Our 12-year-old boys (finished sixth grade) hosted the ladies from Camp Vega at our place for a dinner and dance.

Last night, we had a little eight-year-old boy whose family was hosting a reunion on the lake and had requested their son’s presence for a couple of hours. Knowing how well-adjusted this little boy is, it was easy for me to honor the request. When I made my rounds to say goodnight to the boys, our little guy was sitting outside his bunk with his counselor. His eyes were filled with tears, and he announced that he was missing his mother and wanted to go home. The two-hour visit created an emotional setback that took this camper out of his routine.

I suggested to this little boy that we get a good night’s sleep and address his desire to go home in the morning. The boy looked up at me and asked me if I would remind him in the morning that he wanted to go home. I assured him I would. As a backup plan, the camper went into his bunk, took out a magic marker, and wrote himself a reminder note that he was homesick and wanted to leave camp.

When I saw my little friend this morning, sitting at the breakfast table with his friends, I couldn’t help but smile. There was no discussion about missing his mom. The quick visit was in his rearview mirror, and he was excited for another day of fun. I’m sure we can anticipate a few similar moments after our parents depart on Visiting Day.