Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – July 1, 2024

By July 1, 2024 Tak Talk

We had another beautiful day in Maine. As we start week two, our program has really kicked into gear. It’s incredible how much we pack in on any given day.

Our intercamp schedule has begun, and we will be participating in games against other camps in every land sport as well as sailing, swimming, archery, and rock climbing. Because we have a competitive program in camp that meets the needs of boys who are here playing a sport for the first time as well as those wanting to specialize in specific sports, we offer intercamp as “icing on the cake.” Regardless of a boy’s ability level, it’s fun to put on a Takajo uniform, represent your camp, and compete against others.

Starting with our 10-year-old boys, there will be games where we compete against other camps in a field day, allowing all boys the opportunity to put on a Takajo uniform and compete at various skill levels. We will also participate in head-to-head matchups and tournaments when those seeking a higher level of competition will be challenged.

Today, our 10-year-old boys traveled to a neighboring camp for a street hockey game. It didn’t take long for us to learn of the result when that bus pulled down the camp road. Cheers bellowing out the windows made it evident who were the victors.

We hosted a 12-and-under intercamp lacrosse game and a 15-and-under intercamp baseball game which allowed Takajo campers and staff to cheer on their home teams. Our lacrosse boys were victorious. After handshakes and cheers, they sprinted down to the waterfront for a celebratory dip. While our Baseball team had less success, they fought gallantly and displayed excellent sportsmanship.

We had 13-and-under flag football and 14-and-under basketball to round out our first full day of intercamp competition. Our golfers got in another round, and our pioneers had the chance to explore the Black Cap Trail in North Conway, New Hampshire, as well as Rocky Gorge in Saco, Maine.

As dinner approached, our 12, 13, and 14-year-old boys made their way to the showers to get ready for socials. At the end of a busy day of activities, it’s always nice to grab a shower, slap on some cologne, and mingle with the ladies from a neighboring girls’ camp.

The rest of our boys took advantage of a warm summer breeze and had the chance to select an activity of their choice and enjoy the fun before bedtime.