Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – July 2, 2024

By July 2, 2024 Tak Talk

There’s nothing monotonous about having too much fun. We continue to wake up to bright, beautiful sunshine, allowing our boys to take advantage of all that we have to offer.

We participated in our first tennis tournament today, as our 10-, 12-, and 14-and-under players left camp after an early breakfast for an all-day event. The competition was great, and our boys rose to the challenge.

Our 13-and-under baseball team participated in a round-robin tournament while our 15-and-under soccer team went head-to-head against one of our friendly competitors.

We continue to offer pioneering trips off-campus and feel it’s an incredibly valuable part of our program. We have sixteen members of our pioneering staff, all of whom arrived two weeks before our campers to be trained in CPR, first aid, and emergency rescue. They received their Maine trip leader certifications and are excited to expose our boys to some of the most majestic rivers and hiking trails in New England. These trips give our boys the opportunity to get out of camp and test their endurance while witnessing some of the most beautiful sights in the region.

The other night, I introduced a raffle to our boys in Warrior Camp. When the boys least expect it, often during the dinner meal, I come out with a Takajo bag filled with one-of-a-kind items: a cool sweatshirt, a bucket hat, shooting sleeves, and football gloves— all embossed with the Takajo logo. When the bag appears, campers and counselors go ballistic. They stand on their chairs, cheering, hoping their names will be called out in the raffle.

This morning, a little Warrior came into my office and asked me how many times his name was in the raffle bag. I replied that every camper and counselor has their name in the bag once, and if they win their name is removed from the bag. They’re not eligible to win a second time that summer.

The little boy’s head went down, and I could see he was very sad. When I tried to reassure him that he had just as much of a chance of winning a raffle item as everyone else in camp, he stopped me and said, “You don’t understand.”

He continued, “I came to see you today because one of my friends is not feeling well and is in the health center, and I thought that if I could have my name replaced with his, then he would have a greater chance of winning a raffle and that would make him happy.”

This boy was in my office advocating for another child he didn’t even know ten days ago, and now the connection that has formed is so strong that he’s willing to put someone else’s needs ahead of his own. I told this camper that his friend had already won the raffle because he has a friend who cares so deeply and has his best interest at heart.

I can only imagine how deep this connection will become as these boys continue their journey through camp. Takajo is not merely a summer destination, it’s an experience that forges deep and meaningful friendships that can truly last a lifetime.