Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – June 21, 2019

By June 21, 2019 Tak Talk
Camp Takajo Preseason meetings 2019

It’s with great pride and excitement that I send my first Camp Takajo Tak Talk blog post of the summer of 2019. I would imagine that many of you are very nervous as you soak up the last moments before your son departs for camp. I often say that the things that create the greatest stress and anxiety in our life often become our happiest and most memorable moments. I truly believe that the nervous anticipation that you and your son feel will translate into memories that will last his lifetime.

This happens to be my fiftieth consecutive summer at Camp Takajo. I started as a camper at the age of eight in 1970, and I can still remember the feeling of stepping off the bus and being greeted by Camp Takajo’s founder Morty Goldman. In just an instant, Morty made eye-contact with me, shook my hand, and made me feel like I belonged. What might have seemed like an inconsequential moment to Morty has stayed with me throughout my thirty-one years as owner of the camp.

Tomorrow, when the buses arrive, I will have the honor of greeting your son and welcoming him to his summer home. As I greet our campers, I am blessed to be surrounded by the greatest administrative team in the camp industry. Warren Davis, my associate director, returns for his forty-seventh year at camp. Hank Fortin, Warrior Group Leader, is celebrating his forty-ninth consecutive summer working with our youngest boys. Senior Group Leader Paddy Mohan returns for his thirty-third year on the shores of Long Lake. Heading our Junior Group is Neil Minsky. Neil returns to his second home for his thirty-second year.

Together, with a large core of returning veteran staff, along with eager and enthusiastic newcomers, we are all here committed to providing your son with a safe, healthy, and happy experience.

One final thought to remember– no matter how difficult it may be to separate from your child, my experience has taught me that once a child arrives and connects with his counselors and peers, he is in for the time of his life. Here’s to a sunny start to the 2019 season. I am a phone call or email away whenever you need me.