What’s Happening at Camp Takajo- August 2, 2013

By August 2, 2013 January 4th, 2019 Tak Talk


Olympics has broken! For those of you who are familiar with color war, our season-ending competition has a slightly different emphasis. “Color war” is when the entire camp is split into two teams. The teams compete fiercely for a number of days in every activity at camp. Team members could even gain or lose points based on their table manners or inspection scores in the bunks.

Color war can be so intense that the thrill of competition is overshadowed by the pressure of the games. The Takajo Olympics features three separate competitions, so that our Warrior, Junior and Senior campers compete with boys within their own age levels. While the competition may be fierce, each game ends with a handshake and a cheer, and is never continued beyond the playing field.SR Basketball 0679 at Camp Takajo

The whole camp will come together in a few days for our song competition, when our youngest boys will march into the Indian Council Fire Ring with our oldest campers. They will sing the traditional camp songs in unison, and hopefully in harmony.

Olympics is consistent with the camp’s philosophy about competition. We have maximum participation so that everyone gets the thrill of being a part of the team. We are big believers in keeping competition in its proper perspective. As you walk through the campus at any given time during the day, you’ll see the campers wearing either green or grey Camp Takajo bandanas. The bandanas represent the two teams in the competition. While the three age groups do not compete against one another, there is a sense of community based on the color of a camper’s bandana.

The teams will compete in every land sport and water sport, and the finale will be the “whacked-up relay,” which is a relay race that runs through the entire campus. Every boy competes in at least one event and then culminates down at the waterfront, where two boys square off in the traditional pie-eating contest.

Camp is all about tradition, and there is nothing more traditional than these next four days of camp.

  • Today in Warrior Camp, the Olympics officially started. The day started with the sound of Warren’s bugle playing the Camp Takajo Olympics anthem. The Warriors all met down at the docks to load the Songo River Queen riverboat for a morning cruise around Long Lake. Once back at camp, the Warrior campers were split into teams and began some tough, but fair competition. What a fun week we have ahead of us. Also, all Warrior campers will attend an ice cream sundae party tonight to celebrate the summer.
  • Today in Junior Camp, the Olympic break was a bit of a surprise. After starting a massive pillow fight, the boys were brought together for a fake disciplinary talk, but instead got the surprise announcement of the start of Olympics. They have been competing all day. Good luck Green and Grey!
  • The Seniors returned home from their Western Trip this afternoon. They had a blast and are taking their time telling stories about their big adventure.