What’s Happening at Camp Takajo- August 3, 2013

By August 3, 2013 January 4th, 2019 Tak Talk


Each morning after breakfast, I have a meeting with our medical staff, which includes one physician, and six registered nurses who reside in camp throughout the summer. The purpose of this morning meeting is to discuss the medical needs of the campers. During this meeting we discuss who may have stayed overnight in the health center, who might need to be on an antibiotic, or whether a child needs a follow-up appointment with an outside medical professional.Camp Takajo campers

What impresses me as much as their medical knowledge, is the genuine care and empathy our medical team feels for each and every child. We all know how important a bedside manner is in a hospital setting, but it is even more imperative in a camp setting. Our nurses share my belief that there are few things worse than feeling under the weather when you are away from your mom and dad.Medical Staff 2013

Competency is not the only criterion for being a nurse at Camp Takajo. Warmth, empathy, patience and a sense of humor are key criteria for being a successful member of our medical staff. While we have had very few campers stay overnight in the health center this summer, it is a great feeling knowing that those who have stayed have been treated with love and care just like they would have at home.