What’s Happening at Camp Takajo? August 6, 2012

By August 6, 2012 January 14th, 2019 Tak Talk

Jeff’s Thoughts:  It all comes down to the pie eating.
In the late afternoon, as the sun was beating down on Long Lake, the entire Warrior Camp gathered around a roped-off perimeter and chanted as two 10-year-old campers squared off for the pie-eating contest. The pie-eating contest was the culmination of the Warrior Olympics. An hour and a half before the boys squared off, the whacked-up relay started, and events took place around camp with every Warrior camper participating in one event. The home run derby, foul shooting contest, 3-legged race, canoe race, toilet flush and whipped cream smear were just a few of the events that took place during the relay.  As the final runners made their way to the roped-off area to hand their batons off to the final contestants, the pie eaters, the cheers were almost deafening to my ears. I couldn’t help but think of the campers who have been in that seat over the last 60 years, and those people know who they are. It’s an experience like no other, and it happens at Camp Takajo, the whacked-up relay and pie-eating contest traditions.

  • Today in Warrior Camp, the boys participated in the whacked-up relay. Every single camper had a task in the relay race that he had to complete before the team could move on to the next event. The relay race was carefully planned, and the preparations were well worth the Camp Takajo Whacked-Up Relayeffort. Excitement filled the air, and it ended with an entertaining pie-eating contest that the whole camp watched. Great job Warriors!
  • Our Junior campers were very busy today with games all day. This morning, all the Green and Grey campers participated in quad games and two great swim meets. This afternoon, they are participating in all-star hockey and ultimate Frisbee, as we all approach the conclusion of our Olympic games.
  • The Senior campers filled their morning with hockey, lacrosse, soccer and basketball. They swapped their morning activities so each group went from one game to another. In the afternoon, they will either go from baseball and basketball to the track meet, or start with the track meet and go to baseball and basketball as part of the Senior Camp Olympics.