What’s Happening at Camp Takajo? August 5, 2012

By August 5, 2012 January 14th, 2019 Tak Talk

Jeff’s Thoughts: Olympics-
With less than one week to go in the summer, one might imagine that activities start to subside and that we transition to the end of the season at Camp Takajo. This couldn’t be further from the truth! At any point during the day today, you would have witnessed all age-levels in competition, and if you weren’t sure where the games were being played, all you had to do was listen to the cheers to locate the action. The games have been fierce and weren’t over until the campers performed their cheers and handshakes. Above all, we keep camp in perspective and stress sportsmanship. The London Olympics have nothing on the Takajo Olympics.

  • Today, in Warrior camp, we had our second day of Olympic competition. Right after our Lazy Man’s Morning, we jumped into our track meet. The boys participated in real Olympic track and field activities, like long jump and a

    Camp Takajo Olympic Track Event

    number of exciting relay races. All day, you could hear the roar of the crowd and see every single boy out, running for his team.

  • In Junior camp, the boys played many Olympic team sports. After an all-star lacrosse game, they played basketball, baseball and soccer. What a long day of tough competition!
  • The Seniors also had a full schedule today. After a bit of Lazy Man’s Morning, the boys went straight into practicing for the song competition. They are singing camp songs and getting ready to compete. After lunch, the Seniors played tennis, and a fun Skill Relay event. This event included golf, skating, building a fire to burn through a rope, scaling the climbing wall, throwing a pot on the ceramics wheel, blindfolded; hammering a nail in woodworking, a mountain biking course, and it ended with a shuttle relay race.  They had a great time competing on Hobby Lane. This evening, after the make-your-own-sundae dessert, the boys will be put to the test in a dance-off in the dining room. Good luck!
  • This morning, we had an amazing breeze blowing through camp, which was perfect for sailing. The waterfront opened up for Lazy Man’s Morning, and the Juniors and Seniors spent more than two hours out on the water. Some of our campers are taking an interest in boat motors, and they got a chance to watch the maintenance of our equipment, and learn some dos and don’ts of boat maintenance. The swim staff spent their morning setting up for the Senior Olympic water polo match, which is always a lot of fun.
  • Last night, our campers had their final Saturday Movie Night, during which they watched some fun movies, and snacked on popcorn. Our Warriors even got to watch their movie and some of the London Olympics out on the deck with our blow-up movie screen.
  • This weekend, there was a competition between two ladies of Takajo. They were challenged to construct the best ginger bread house, and whoever won would get a Takajo apron with their name printed on the front. The girls made the gingerbread from scratch, cooked it, cut out the shapes and glued them together with icing. The edible scene was displayed for all to see in the dining room today. Our campers also baked ginger bread cookies up at the Wannigan.