What’s Happening at Camp Takajo? August 7, 2012

By August 7, 2012 January 14th, 2019 Tak Talk

Jeff’s Thoughts: My favorite day of the summer
It’s hard to pick a favorite day at Camp Takajo because there are so many special events and memories that occur during our time together on the shores of Long Lake. Today was just one of those perfect days at camp. The campers awakened to a cool breeze and sunny skies with temperatures that didn’t exceed the low 80’s. During the morning, the entire camp was divided into two teams, the Green and the Grey, and practiced for the annual song competition. Right before lunch, the entire camp came together at the Council Ring to sing the camp songs in harmony (well, at least they sang). This afternoon was the Whacked-Up Relay for Junior Camp. Once again, a relay race took place around the entire camp, ending by the waterfront, as two campers squared off in a pie-eating contest.

Flaming Hoop Dance

Warrior campers had a series of all-star games, and the annual 3-point shooting contest, during which an Indian camper outscored a Brave camper (one age group apart) by one point.  The evening was the culmination of a perfect day as the entire camp came together at the Indian Council Fire for our closing campfire.  We spoke about the heritage of camp, and campers participated in a traditional native American dance. The night was topped off when I had the privilege and distinct honor of naming the All-Sport Field (a multi-purpose field adjacent to the Junior baseball field), in Hank Fortin’s honor, now called Fortin Field.  I could not think of a better way to honor Hank for his forty-two years of loyalty to Camp Takajo. My favorite day of the summer

  • Today in Junior Camp, the boys had the best day of the summer, so far. They concluded the Olympic games with the song competition in the morning, and a thrilling Whacked-Up Relay in the afternoon, which came down to the pie-eating contest. The Hurricanes ate their way to victory, and then all the Junior campers ran into the Mattapan swimming area for the annual Olympic dip. Now, the boys are getting ready for the last campfire.
  • In Warrior camp, the boys started out practicing for and competing in the song competition with the older boys. They felt privileged to be taught by such great leaders. Later in the afternoon, they had hot stove time to pick their own activities before general swim. They will end their evening around the campfire with the rest of camp.
  • Seniors, today, had to step up and show the rest of camp what the Olympics are really about. They led their teams in the song competition, teaching the younger boys the songs and later carrying them through the finish line. They spent the afternoon in the water playing water polo matches and participating in the swim meet. Tonight, they will join the rest of camp for the closing council fire, which for some of them, will be their last.