What’s Happening at Camp Takajo? July 25, 2012

By July 25, 2012 January 14th, 2019 Tak Talk

Jeff’s Thoughts: When you judge others, you define yourself.
So much of camp life is about how you treat others. Whether it is in the bunk or on the fields, we are devoted to teaching children to respect others.  Occasionally, a parent calls my office in response to a letter from his or her son about a personality conflict. I ask how they, themselves, would fare if he or she was living in a bunk in such close proximity with seven other people for seven weeks. So often, when I sit with a bunk in my office to resolve conflicts, I insist that the boys make eye contact with one another and use words to express their feelings in a non-judgmental way.  Teaching young people the art of communication and the importance of eye contact is a skill they will retain well beyond their years at camp. When you judge others, you define yourself.

  • Today in Warrior Camp, the Indians have a special event following the dinner meal. They are invited over to Jeff’s house to enjoy a movie night, with snacks and an on-the-couch movie session. It was a beautiful Maine day, and a cool breeze brought in perfect temperatures for playing sports. A few Crow bunks got the opportunity to go out on a pirate ship adventure this afternoon! They went out of camp to climb aboard the pirate ship and sail like real pirates.
  • The tennis staff today is preparing for the tennis tournament taking place tomorrow at Camp Takajo. The campers involved are practicing and getting excited to take part in the event. Good luck boys!
  • Down at the waterfront, we had beautiful, blue skies and some pretty strong winds throughout the early hours. During the morning activities, you could look out and see many campers canoeing and kayaking, some favorite morning skill activities.
  • This morning, our oldest campers set out on their Western Trip. They will travel for a few days and reach their destinations over the next week. Updates about this trip will follow.
  • Tonight, we have two socials starting at 6 PM, one at Camp Takajo and the other at Camp Vega. The Takajo campers who traveled to Vega were the 11-year-old boys. Those who stayed at Takajo were the 12-year-old boys, and the Vega girls came to Takajo for their social.  These socials include dinner followed by some music and dancing.