What’s Happening at Camp Takajo? July 23, 2012

By July 23, 2012 January 14th, 2019 Tak Talk

Jeff’s Thoughts: Attention to Detail-

One of the things I am most proud of is the attention to detail concerning every child’s needs are Camp Takajo. If you were to walk into our dining room at any given moment, you would see a professional kitchen staff preparing meals to children with special dietary needs. If you were to walk into our Health Center, you would witness caring nurses providing T.L.C.  If you were to look on the porches of many of our bunks during rest hour, you would observe a camper and counselor sitting together, working on a lesson plan or summer reading assignment that needs to be completed before the start of the school year.  No matter what your child’s needs or interests, our occupation is your preoccupation. There is no detail too small.

  • We expect a great day in Warrior camp. The schedule is back to normal and the boys are participating on their new teams, and in hobbies and skills classes.  Tonight, we will be have a big “Prime Time Athletic League” basketball game. It should an epic battle that both the teams and the fans will enjoy.

  • The Okeechobee Senior campers are on a pirate ship outing today. They will be sailing on a pirate ship and swimming from the ship. After an extended rest hour, they will head to a shopping mall to watch an afternoon showing of the movie The Dark Knight Rises.
  • Last night, all the Junior campers participated in laser tag. One bunk had a birthday party and spent the night in one of our tree houses and got the chance to sleep in a bit. Today, for the Juniors, there are two lacrosse tournaments for the 11-year-olds, and a few Juniors will also be going out for golf in the afternoon at Naples Country Club.
  • Thanks to the Pioneering staff, nine campers and five counselors were out of camp by 10 AM, on-time, heading to the St. Croix River for their canoe trip. Eighteen campers and seven counselors also left today for Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor. These trips will start with a sunset whale-watching adventure this afternoon.
  • Out on the Waterfront yesterday afternoon, the Senior campers finished their wakeboarding competition. They loved showing their skills in the water to the rest of camp. This morning, the Junior Greens created and ran an obstacle course on the sand down at the waterfront.