What’s Happening at Camp Takajo? July 22, 2012

By July 22, 2012 January 14th, 2019 Tak Talk

Jeff’s Thoughts:
In Your Absence- Visiting day is now a memory. We spent the day today playing insane games of outdoor laser tag on the Senior baseball field, which also served as a distraction that made Visiting Day a distant memory in our campers’ minds.  I received so many positive comments about our staff as they greeted parents and ran their activities with enthusiasm.

We have an exceptional staff at Camp Takajo. They are devoted to your children and committed to their health and happiness as the fundamental goal of the summer. Visiting Day would be a lot more difficult, if our staff wasn’t committed to achieving this goal and working very hard for several weeks leading up to Visiting Day. Relationships that begin on Arrival Day are then nurtured throughout the summer. Beyond the face of a well-run summer camp, many interconnected roles must be working in a concerted effort for quite some time before parents visit. In your absence, I am honored to facilitate this achievement here at Camp Takajo.

  • G-Force Laser Tag has set up a laser tag tournament for us today. It is a chance for every camper and counselor to participate in an exciting group activity. Our Intermediate Senior campers are heading to Boston and Cape Cod this week for deep-sea fishing, a trip to Martha’s Vineyard, a visit to Canobie Lake Park and sightseeing in Boston, which will include a visit to Fenway Park.
  • This morning at the waterfront, our Senior campers had a wakeboarding competition.  There was also a lot of open sailing going on, with the blue skies overhead and a light breeze through camp. It was a glorious day for sailing. There was open swim for everyone to enjoy.
  • The Warrior Crow and Brave campers enjoyed laser tag for their first period of activities today.  The Warrior Indian campers will have the afternoon session to play laser tag. All of the Warriors enjoyed Lazy Man’s morning and got right back into the routine of camp.
  • Our Camp Takajo Pioneering staff is hard at work today preparing for our trips to Acadia National Park and the St. Croix River with our 14-year-old Sub-Senior campers.