Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – July 4, 2024

By July 4, 2024 Tak Talk

Our boys were all smiles as our day began with bunk and individual photos. It was a relaxing morning. The boys had an opportunity to catch up on some well-needed rest. In the afternoon, the entire camp came together on the Senior Baseball Field.

Under the leadership of Junior Group Leader David Levy, our boys were organized into teams with their Takajo Families. David created a Field Day with a variety of events– three-on-three basketball, four-on-four mini soccer, tennis doubles, pickleball, a gaga tournament, swimming relays, a trivia contest— there was something for everyone. Our Okees, the heads of each family, helped organize and motivate their younger “brothers” so that everyone was excited to participate.

Every boy had the opportunity to participate in two events until the competition reached its climax and the camp came together again on the Senior Baseball Field to witness our Subs and Okees, the two oldest age groups in camp, battle it out in a fierce tug of war. Campers cheered for their big brothers and teammates as the sweat poured from our older boys’ brows.

Takajo’s First Annual Family Field Day

The concept of the Takajo Family, where boys from different age levels come together for mentorship and a sense of belonging, has been a successful way to integrate our campers. David expanded on this idea by creating Family Field Day, providing even more opportunities for the boys to bond. Through friendly competition, boys of all ages worked together, forging connections through both victory and defeat.

The sounds of fireworks echoed across our campus as the Town of Naples set off a magnificent display. We look forward to our celebration tomorrow.