Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – August 2, 2023

By August 2, 2023 Tak Talk

It is that time of the season when our Okees are nearing the end of their camp careers, have returned home from a magical week away in Canada, and find themselves a little mischievous. Collectively these master minds devised a plan to launch their Okee prank, something they see as a tradition, a rite of passage. Our big boys set their alarms for 2:00 AM and quietly snuck out of their bunks. A few boys made their way to the archery range, picking up our targets and stands and moving them over to the Warrior basketball court. Another group of guys picked up our soccer goals and moved them onto the Warrior quad. Others went down to the waterfront and carried canoes, kayaks, and Sunfish to the Junior Quad and all the lifejackets from the sailing shed.

It took them hours, and as the sun rose, they felt their work was done. That was until Warren and I showed up and caught our fearless leaders in the act. I can assure you the next few hours of moving everything back to its rightful home on campus were far less stimulating for our boys.

Nevertheless, Warren and I appreciated their ambition and teamwork. Senior Group Leader Neil Minsky ensured our Seniors had a full day of activities, and our oldest boys found themselves ready for bed before Taps.

There was a buzz in the air throughout the day, and I had numerous Warriors predicting when the Takajo Olympics would break. This evening after showers, our Warriors went down to the dining room for a make-your-own sundae party. When our boys were in line for their favorite treat, the lights went out in the dining hall, and the ceiling was illuminated green and gray. A three-minute hype video in the building showed scenes of Olympic competitions in prior years. The music was loud, but the cheers and enthusiasm were even louder.

The Warrior Olympics has begun. Our little guys danced the conga around the dining room, sat together, and enjoyed an ice cream sundae feast with their Olympic teammates. Juniors and Seniors had their noses pressed up against the dining room windows, wondering when their breaks would take place. We have a full lineup of incredible events as we reach the homestretch. Here’s to the start of Olympic competition.