Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – August 8, 2022

By August 8, 2022 Tak Talk
Warrior Track Meet

I was always jealous of those meteorologists who got paid for being fifty percent accurate. I can’t imagine how many of you would have signed up if I told you there was a fifty percent chance your son would have a great time at camp this summer. Nevertheless, we were promised by the local weatherman that the heat and humidity would be over by today and temperatures would drop by fifteen to twenty degrees. Guess what? They were wrong, and we were once again greeted by a high dew point and sweltering temperatures.

Notwithstanding, our boys are in Olympics, and they don’t seem to be bothered. To add insult to injury, we woke up this morning to our facility manager alerting us that there was an issue with our water well and that we were temporarily unable to get drinking water to fill our water bottles. That issue was quickly alleviated. We have tons of large water jugs with clean water from other sources, and we spread them out among all the playing fields and down by the waterfront. These containers were replenished frequently as we shuttled in fresh Poland Spring water into camp throughout the day. While the well has been fixed and out of an abundance of caution, we took a water sample into the lab for evaluation before we gave the campers and staff the green light to start using our water fountains.

There is a part of me that smiles as I’ve received congratulations on a wonderful summer. However, this is not my first rodeo, and I am well aware the season is not over.

Our boys had an incredible day today filled with amazing Olympic events. I watched two basketball games end in spectacular fashion in overtime. One was in Warrior camp, where the smallest guy on the court penetrated down the lane and threw up a lefty layup to seal the victory for his team. The other was in Senior camp, where the green team came from behind; and, in the closing seconds, needed a three-pointer to go into overtime. The team then set up a play, executed it, and fired the shot from behind the three-point line only to have the ball ricochet off the rim into the hands of another green team player who was able to get another shot off at the buzzer to tie the game. Fortunately for them, the grey team was able to collect themselves and seal the win.

There were also swim meets, water polo matches, capture the flag games, and a Warrior track meet today. By the end of the day, our boys had that incredible feeling of exhilaration, knowing that their involvement as a part of their team was helping to earn points for victory.

This evening, we paused from Olympic competition and made our way to Hobby Lane for the annual Art Show. Our boys have spent considerable time working on projects this summer, and this was the day for us to come together and show appreciation for the talent that was on display. By nightfall, it was the Juniors’ opportunity to go into the dining room for make-your-own sundaes. As our fifth and sixth graders sat together, digging into their sundaes, you could sense this was the perfect ending to a great day.