Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – July 5, 2022

By July 5, 2022 Tak Talk
Intercamp Basketball 2022

I’ve waited three years to see the look on our boys’ faces as they entered the dining room wearing Takajo uniforms, ready to compete against another camp in intercamp games. There is a spirit and a comradery that takes place when you suit up and stand shoulder to shoulder with your bunkmates and best friends and represent your camp. Just witnessing the anticipation of these games was exhilarating today.

Today, the fourteen-year-old boys traveled to a nearby camp and had the opportunity to lace ’em up and compete. At the same time, our twelve-year-old boys hosted this neighboring camp and competed in soccer, tennis, and basketball. As word spread that the games were happening, younger campers asked permission to leave their activities so they could fill the bleachers and cheer on their older brothers.

Takajo Intercamp FootballThis is the first of many intercamp competitions during the summer. Our boys in Junior and Senior Camps will compete in every land sport, plus archery, and Takajo will host its annual tennis and swim meet this summer. After witnessing one day of competition, it’s apparent how much our boys love representing Takajo, and we are excited to add these games back into our schedule.

With the threat of rain in the air, we have decided to postpone our fireworks one more day.

Takajo Intercamp Basketball 2022As our boys put their heads on their pillows after a long summer day, there was a sense of pride and fulfillment.