Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – July 30, 2022

By July 30, 2022 Tak Talk
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It’s hard to believe that our fifth week has come to an end, and we are inside the two-week mark before the season comes to a close. We have an expression here that the days often feel long, but the weeks seem to fly by. There is so much that happens in a day and writing the blog forces me to take a moment and reflect on all that we are doing for our boys.

A small example from today as I was leaving lunch, I noticed our nine registered nurses walking across the campus in preparation for our weekly, head-to-toe bunk checks. We have an exceptional group of nurses this summer, complemented by two doctors in residence. They are an incredible medical staff that I meet with every morning after breakfast to get an assessment on the health and wellness of those campers and counselors who visited our medical facility. We discuss those that have viral infections and chart any correlation between boys in a similar bunk or age group. We review everything from minor bumps and bruises to jammed fingers that may require an x-ray.

When I hire nurses each year, I make a point of telling them that their ability to diagnose and treat is a critical component of their job. However, equally important is their bedside manner. There is nothing worse for a little boy away from home to feel unwell, and it’s vital that our nurses recognize the importance of compassion and empathy.

The weekly head-to-toe health checks are important because not every child who has a rash, bug bites, or sore throat would think to visit the health center. The same nurse is assigned to the same bunk throughout the summer. Therefore, there is a continuity of care throughout the season. While I talk about our campers and the program that we offer, I think it’s important to mention that the health and wellness of our community rest on the shoulders of this incredible medical staff.

Of equal importance is the food service team that we’ve assembled here at camp. While no camper likes being away from home when they’re not feeling well, much could be said for leaving the dining room unsatisfied on an empty stomach. The variety that we offer in camp is unparalleled in our industry. From a multitude of cold cereals, fresh fruit, and yogurt as a prelude to breakfast each morning, our boys enjoy the variety followed by a hot entrée, which could include French toast, waffles, pancakes, or scrambled eggs. If all else fails, our boys will gravitate towards the toasters where they can always have a bagel with butter and cream cheese while they wash it down with a cup of hot chocolate. Chicken fingers and pizza are favorites for lunch, but our boys enjoy a daily deli bar as a backup. There’s a variety of dinner entrées including chicken wings, but the pasta bar is always the go-to for many of our campers.

Aside from the variety, we have a warm and caring staff that is always happy to make sure that there’s something for every boy to enjoy. This is our culture; we hire staff that understands and appreciates that we are caring for your children, and they provide for your boys with the same care that they would for their own family members.

We had another busy day in camp filled with bright sunshine and perfect temperatures for play. The Warrior basketball court was energized by the return of “the infamous” Shad, who is back for his seventeenth summer at camp. As nightfall brought a close to our day and boys made their way up to Saturday night at the movies, there was a good vibe in the air as another week comes to a close.