Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – August 8, 2021

By August 8, 2021 Tak Talk
Track Meet

We had a much-needed leisurely start to our day this morning. Reveille sounded at 8:30 AM allowing our boys and staff the opportunity for additional rest. There was a great vibe in our dining room as our boys staggered in for their final Dunkin’ Donuts, cereal, and fresh fruit breakfast. Our Warrior Campers enjoyed their final FaceTime calls after lineup and their last morning of a leisurely free play.

The heat and humidity are here to stay all week, which made the waterfront the perfect choice for many of our boys. The Ski Nautiques were gassed up and ready to pull skiers, wakeboarders, surfers, and those seeking a thrilling ride on our banana boats. Junior and Seniors took the morning to prepare for the song competition, which will take place on Tuesday morning. Counselors took advantage of a less structured morning to finish bunk plaques and end-of-the-season reports.

Swim MeetAfter lunch, the Warriors had their final nurses’ inspection, allowing our medical staff to take one final check of our boys who may not come to seek medical attention for a rash, cough, or bug bites. All Warriors assembled on our largest field for a camp-wide track meet. Despite the heat, our little guys gave 100% competing in their running and field events. After Junior phone calls, our boys remained down at the waterfront for an Olympic swim meet. The warm breeze off the lake provided just enough comfort as our boys competed in every stroke with individual heats and team relays. It was the perfect afternoon for this event, and all the boys were happy to have the opportunity to be in our refreshing lake.

Our Seniors spent the afternoon out on the playing fields and courts competing in basketball, tennis, and soccer. Equipped with water bottles in hand, our older boys didn’t let the humidity affect their playing performance.

After a great day of Olympic competition, we transitioned to a slower pace and made our way over to Hobby Lane to enjoy our annual Art Show. Every hobby was open and welcomed campers and staff to observe and appreciate the beautiful works of art that our boys created this summer. This event always highlights the camp’s diversity and the important role the arts play in our culture.

When our Warriors and Juniors retired for the evening, our Senior campers made their way into the dining room for make-your-own-sundaes and the Okees’ dance-off. Perhaps one of the crazier events in camp, this tradition started years ago and won’t seem to go away. Our oldest boys ended their sundae party with an Okee dance-off between the two Olympic teams. Ironically, Takajo boasts its own professional dancer, Yaniv Schulman, who was this year’s runner-up in Dancing With the Stars. Yaniv was an outstanding Takajo camper and participated in this dance-off when he was a camper. While the odds are slim that one of our current Okees will follow in Yaniv’s footsteps, it’s always nice to dream.

As our boys headed back to their cabins after another packed day of activities and fun, I saw the acknowledgment that yet another special day has come and gone. While the days are dwindling, these memories will live on forever.