Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – July 30, 2016

By July 30, 2016 January 4th, 2019 Tak Talk
Basketball at Camp Takajo for Boys in Naples, Maine

I feel like a broken record, but today was another magnificent day. Our temperatures remained in the mid-eighties– perfect weather for summer camp. Our Sub-Senior boys have returned from their trips and were eager to get back to the playing fields. They welcomed a challenge from the Intermediates in soccer. It turned out to be a very spirited match. We hosted a flag football tournament for our 13-year-old boys, while some other campers had the opportunity to play in another tennis tournament and a lacrosse tournament.

Basketball at Camp Takajo for Boys in Naples, MaineWhile we had a packed day of activities, by far my favorite moment of this day was a little encounter I had when a young Warrior camper came into my office, began to cry, and told me he was homesick. Clearly, you must think I am losing it. How in my right mind can I consider this a highlight? When I reminded the boy that there are less than two weeks of camp left and that he would be home before he knew it, he responded, “I am not homesick for home. I am homesick for camp.”

He continued to tell me that Camp Takajo was the “most magical place on earth,” and he didn’t want to leave.

He concluded by saying, “Camp Takajo has everything I love, except my parents.”

Tennis at Camp Takajo for Boys in Naples, MaineI wake up very early, and I put in long days at camp. But, I have always considered my vocation as my avocation, simply put– I love what I do, but nothing is more wonderful than having a little boy tell me how meaningful this experience is to him.

As the sun set over Long Lake, our boys took showers and relaxed while enjoying Saturday Night At The Movies. As another week comes to a close, we look forward to all the special events around the corner.