What’s Happening at Camp Takajo, July 30, 2014

By July 30, 2014 January 4th, 2019 Tak Talk
Indian Movie Night Camp Takajo 2014


One of the great traditions at Camp Takajo after visiting day is movie night at my house. Each night, I walk around the Warrior campus peeking into every cabin to say goodnight to each boy. On occasion, a little Warrior will ask me where I sleep at night. I am incredibly fortunate because my commute to work each day is approximately two hundred yards. My home sits on the backside of our campus, which keeps me right in the middle of the action, but affords me just enough privacy at the end of a long day. Indian Movie Night Camp Takajo 2014

Tonight, I invited the Indians age group, campers finishing fourth grade, over for our annual movie night. It is an opportunity to step away from the active pace of camp life and sit on a couch, munch on a snack, and “chillax” together. I love taking this opportunity with the boys to slow down to the speed of life and create a sense of “normalcy” as we hang in my home, together, watching a movie.

I am incredibly impressed at how polite and respectful the boys are as they enter my home for this special night. Indian Movie Night Camp Takajo 2014 A summer at camp is filled with special memories. I know from experience that this night together is one that the boys always cherish. As the boys left my home at the end of a fun evening, each and every one of them thanked me for this opportunity. I couldn’t help but think how thankful I am for this opportunity.

  • Warriors- Warriors have begun overnight stays at the tree houses.
  • Juniors- Greys and Greens are attending socials tonight.
  • Seniors- Okeechobee campers left this morning for the Western Trip.