What’s Happening at Camp Takajo- July 30, 2013

By July 31, 2013 January 4th, 2019 Tak Talk


While I was attending college, I had a conversation with Camp Takajo founder Morty Goldman about what I would do professionally once I graduated. Morty told me that my vocation had to be my avocation. Mort advised that if I was to spend many hours a day working, it had to be something that I loved and about which I was passionate.

Clearly, I feel blessed to have chosen a profession that brings a smile to my face each and every day, including visiting days and rainy days. Today, I had one of those moments that reminded me why I am so lucky to be the director of Camp Takajo.

As I was passing the Senior basketball court during the senior elective period, a few boys were working with a counselor on a shooting drill. I asked if they would mind if I jumped in, and they were happy to appease me. So much of being a good shooter in basketball comes from the position of your hands when you receive the ball and the positioning of your feet. You must be able to square up and shoot as soon as your hands touch the ball.

There was a drill I learned in college that focuses on this skill, so I ran it with the boys. I am not sure who had more fun, the boys or me. While many of you were sweating in suits and ties or checking your watch in the middle of a business meeting today, I had the opportunity to shoot baskets with your sons. Teachable moments at camp don’t always have to take place at my desk. Today was a great day.

  • Today in Junior Camp, the campers were busy with all of their fun activities out of camp. Our Junior Greys went out this afternoon for the rafting trip. The Junior Greens went to the Big Adventure Center yesterday and slept at Sunday River Resort,  returning today.
  • In Warrior Camp today, the Braves went on their Big Trip to the FunTown SplashTown amusement park.