What’s Happening at Camp Takajo- July 29, 2013

By July 30, 2013 January 4th, 2019 Tak Talk


It was a magnificent day at Camp Takajo with sunny skies, temperature in the eighties, and our program was in full swing.  The Sub-Seniors (boys going into ninth grade in the fall) departed for Canada to spend the next five days in Quebec City and Montreal.  Our Junior Greens (boys going into sixth grade) left for their Big Trip to the Big Adventure Center and an overnight at Sunday River Resort, a beautiful four-season resort about an hour north of camp.  Our Warrior Indian campers (going into fifth grade) are having a massive sleepover party in Mert’s Place, our movie house, where they will watch a triple feature, only to be interrupted by hot pizza, which will be delivered in the middle of the festivities.

Camp Takajo Arrives in Quebec City

Takajo Arrives in Quebec City

After a busy and exciting day, we were in the middle of the Warrior dinner when we heard a rumble in the distance. Without warning, the wind shifted, and the skies erupted into a torrential downpour!  While we were safe and indoors, some of our younger boys were a bit nervous at the unexpected storm.  Without prompting, the Warrior counselors started singing some of the camp songs that we learned at the weekly campfires.  Within minutes, everyone was smiling, laughing and singing at the top of their lungs.

Within twenty minutes, the storm passed, and we were on to the next thing.  Just a small example of our counselors’ ability to shift on the fly and deal with the unexpected, as they instinctively knew to distract the campers with something fun and engaging to put their minds at ease.  While we take great pride in our facility, we always recognize that we are only as good as our staff, and this is exactly why!