What’s Happening at Camp Takajo: June 26, 2013

By June 26, 2013 January 4th, 2019 Tak Talk


During the nine-year-olds’ baseball game in camp, with the score tied in the last inning, two men on base, two outs, Lucas came to bat.  Poised and confident in the batter’s box, Lucas drove the ball down the first base line. The runners advanced, and the umpire called the ball fair. Lucas made his way down the base path, and when he was successfully safe at first base, he turned to his counselor and said, “Actually coach, from my vantage point, I could see the ball was actually foul.”  Senior lacrosseIn that moment, the game went from the heat of battle, to a teachable moment.

Arch Ideal:  Honesty

  • In Junior camp today, we are running our regular program. We have a pioneering trip out today and also our first golf trip out on the local golf course. Everyone is having a great day!
  • Today on Hobby Lane, we were busy at work with so many fun activities. In video, the campers are making music videos. Music class is doing a fun and creative lesson today, by playing music and having the campers guess which instrument it is.  And, in the middle of Hobby Lane, Arts and Crafts is making tic-tac-toe boards to play in the bunks.
  • Today had a full day of competition in tennis. Takajo won the 15-and-under overall tournament at Winaukee today, for the fifth year in a row. We also won in the doubles competition. We also had some winners in the semi-finals competition and singles. Great job boys!
  • In Warrior camp today, we had our first group of campers out golfing. Boys who brought their golf clubs to camp got to use them on the golf course today.
  • In Senior camp today, the campers started practice for their inter-camp league. By the end of the week, the Senior campers will be competing with other camps in sports such as baseball, basketball and soccer.