Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – College Corner: Jimmy O’Malley- March 8, 2023

By March 8, 2023 Tak Talk
Camp Takajo Alumnus Jimmy O'Malley

As our alumni network and programming continue to grow, I want to highlight a new series we are launching especially for those young alumni on the brink of graduating from high school, the College Corner.  Alumni from various colleges will provide a visual insight into what is most meaningful to them at school and share how their summers at Camp Takajo prepared them to succeed in college.  Alumnus and former counselor Jimmy O’Malley is the first to share his story:

Jimmy O'Malley, Boston College, Camp Takajo, Naples, Maine, USA

Go Boston College Eagles!

Camp Takajo gave me the core values that I hold to this day! I am so thankful for such incredible mentorship from such a young age. The arch ideals are ingrained in who I am as a person, and I genuinely would not be where I am today without them. At camp, I learned how to lead in a variety of situations within the bunk, on the field, and more. I know how to work on any team through an empathetic understanding of those around me which I developed at camp. After all of those years, I feel comfortable handling any situation thrown at me.  My level of independence coming into college gave me the confidence I needed in this new environment. I would not have had such a great transition without my summers spent up in Maine.
-Jimmy O’Malley

Jimmy O'Malley, Camp Takajo, Naples, Maine, USA

Planning a 3K+ person concert through Campus Activities Board

As our college and career mentorship programs are continually expanding, we encourage all of you to follow Camp Takajo on LinkedIn for the most recent information, and for all Takajo alumni to join Takajo’s private Alumni Website to access a variety of college, graduate school, and career mentorship profiles, groups, and information.  These are just a few of the many ways Camp Takajo remains a part of your life long after your summers in Maine.

Camp Takajo Camper Jimmy O'Malley, Naples, Maine, USA