Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – July 2, 2022

By July 2, 2022 Tak Talk
Mosquito Point

As I woke up early this morning in preparation for the day, I looked outside my window and noticed a light rain had created a mist across the camp. It was just enough to give our fields some needed hydration and to dampen our roads, which will prevent the dust from kicking up as our boys make their way around campus throughout the day. However, by the time the boys came out of breakfast, the sun was peeking through the clouds, and we knew we were heading into regular program.

League play in all age levels has been fun and competitive. Our counselors are loving these athletic sessions as they enjoy teaching fundamentals prior to the start of each game. Because our land sports counselors live and teach within a specific age level, they get to know the boys in their age groups really well and are able to create a progression of learning throughout the summer.

We’ve completed our first week of bunk inspection when, ironically, even cleaning a bunk has a level of competition. Boys are responsible for making their beds, keeping their cubbies tidy, putting all of their dirty clothes in their laundry bags, and sweeping under their beds. You may want to hold onto this blog just as a reminder that your son is capable of doing this when he returns home. The boys have great fun competing for weekly “honor bunks,” and those cabins that keep the cleanest bunk at the end of each week enjoy an ice cream sundae party.

Today during rest hour, we had our first nurses’ inspection. We have nine amazing, registered nurses in camp as well as two doctors in residence all summer. I never remember having such an incredible medical staff in camp. Today, our nurses visited each bunk and did a wellness check on each one of our boys. They looked for the typical bug bites, rashes, sore throats, earaches, and head lice, but they always take a few extra minutes to look our guys in the eye to ensure they’re feeling happy and secure.

As the sun set on Long Lake, our boys made their way to our rec. halls for our weekly movie night, a perfect way to end a fast-paced week in camp. Tomorrow is our first lazy man’s morning when our campers and staff will get an extra hour of sleep, followed by a Dunkin’ Donuts breakfast in pj’s. As I reflect back on this first week of camp, I’m incredibly proud of our boys and our staff, and my heart is whole knowing the best is yet to come.