Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – July 27, 2021

By July 27, 2021 Tak Talk
Beach Fun

Our good fortune continues as we were blessed with another beautiful day at Camp Takajo. Temperatures remain in the low eighties, which allowed for another perfect day out on the fields and down at the waterfront. All of our Senior campers were out of camp today as our Okees left for an afternoon of bowling at the same bowling alley that we rented for our Subs and Inters. 

Our Subs left Sunday River Resort this morning and reported that, unlike their younger counterparts, they didn’t break anything and the police were not summoned. They felt pretty good about their experience. The Subs headed north to Adventure Bound, where they will stay in the cabins that we had rented last night for our Inters. Our Inters enjoyed a great day of rafting down the Kennebec River and returned home for dinner. 

It’s fascinating hearing the reviews from a vast number of children. There were those who arrived home, came immediately into my office to look me in the eye, shake my hand, and thank me for making the effort to get them safely off camp property for this carefully planned excursion. There were other boys who were quick to point out that the sleeping accommodations did not meet their expectations, and the food was average.

I am reminded of a story that my wife, Joan, often tells about the little boy who was an eternal optimist and was thrown into a mountain of horse manure. The little boy jumped and played with enthusiasm. When later questioned why he was so happy, the child responded, “With all this evidence, there must be a pony to ride somewhere.”

It’s fascinating to see how we can live together, share common experiences, and have such differing opinions. I guess camp is truly a microcosm of the real world. 

Back in camp, our Juniors enjoyed being the leaders in camp, took advantage of the entire waterfront, got in extra waterskiing and sailing, and had a fun day of competition on the playing fields. Our Warriors continued with some of their All-Star challenge games, and our Crows had a beach party afternoon, building sandcastles and swimming while listening to tunes played by our in-house DJ, only to cap off the afternoon with Italian ices for all.

After dinner, I invited all of our Crow campers (boys who finished first and second grades) down to my house to relax and enjoy a movie with me. Our little guys sunk into comfortable couches as they enjoyed evening snacks and refreshments in my home. The trips, specialty games, and creative evenings are just some of the fun events that we have in store for our boys.